21 11, 2012

2013 Health Benefit Rates

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Brothers and Sisters,
Here are the rates for Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance for the year 2013. Be advised, these are monthly rates deducted times 26 pay periods.
Traditional Plan Direct Access EPO

Single-                     $582.80                                                                           $496.93                                                                 $435.90

Parent/Child-          $1,148.26                                                                        $894.39                                                                $784.55

Family-                     $1,739.11                                                                        $1,416.16                                                             $1,242.25
Prescription Plans (including  $5.00, $10.00 & 20% co-payments)
Single-                                                     $215.00
Parent/Child-                                         $279.54
Family-                                                    $473.50

Dental Option ($1,000.00 Annually)
Single-                                                     $70.12
Parent/Child-                                         $70.12
Family-                                                     $70.12

Dental Option ($1,500.00 Annually)
Single-                                                      $72.77
Parent/Child-                                           $72.77
Family-                                                       $72.77

Dental Plan E
Single-                                                     $42.86
Parent/Child-                                          $42.86
Family-                                                    $42.86
Group Dental
Single-                                                     $44.55
Parent/Child-                                          $44.55
Family-                                                    $44.55

Magellan Employee Assistance Program
Deduction of $1.52 regardless of the health plan.
7 11, 2012

“Fill Our Trucks For Those In Need”

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If you’re interested in helping out, contact Eddie Paulo at Engine 14-Tour 3.

From: Angela Anemoyanis mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 1:12 PM


Press Secretary – Media Management Office:
The Muse Marketing Group
571 Bloomfield Ave Suite 204
Verona, NJ 07044



On October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the city of Newark along with the entire state of New Jersey.   Almost one week later, thousands of residents have been left homeless, powerless and with a lack of basic resources.  In response, The Ironbound Ambulance Squad is collecting food, toiletries, blankets and winter clothes to fill the needs of those less fortunate. Collections will continue until Sunday, November 11th, 2012.

The Ironbound Ambulance Squad will be headed to Seaside Sunday night to also assist volunteers who have been working around the clock since Hurricane Sandy struck.

The Ironbound Ambulance Squad are in need of the following items:

·         Socks/ T-shirts
·         Contractor Grade Garbage Bags (Black)
·         Shovels
·         Blankets
·         Basic Toiletries
·         Baby Wipes/Baby/ Toddler Supplies and Formulas
·         Work Gloves
·         Water/Drinks
·         Non- Perishable Foods (Canned/Dried/Pastas)
·         Dog/Cat Food

The items can be dropped off at the Ironbound Ambulance Squad at 399 New York Ave, Newark NJ.  For any additional information please contact Press Secretary, Angela Muse at the Muse Marketing Group at 201.546.4334 or email [email protected].

Angela Anemoyanis
Muse Studios
571 Bloomfield Ave Suite 204
Verona, NJ 07044
tel: 201.546.4334
cell: 973.865.3811


10 10, 2012

Newark’s Newest Firefighters Almost All War Veterans

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It is not a coincidence. New Jersey’s largest city has spent the past few years actively recruiting veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve in its fire department. It is the first time the fire department has recruited veterans since World War II.

“They bring that life experience, the camaraderie, the teamwork, and already knowing a quasi-military structure,” said John G. Centanni, the Newark Fire Chief. “They know rank and how to take orders. They bring all of that to the table.”

Newark runs a veterans program in its city hall in partnership with the GI Go Fund, a New Jersey nonprofit that helps veterans make the transition to civilian life.

Full Story Here…

24 09, 2012

PFRS Pension Board Elections

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The Newark Firefighters Union has decided to have a direct impact on the election for Fire Representative to the Board of Trustees for the PFRS Pension Board. This position decides your future when applying for retirement.

After speaking with both candidates, we have decided to throw our support behind BRADY MIDDLESWORTH (Ventnor City Fire Department). He seems to be very conscientous person and we feel as though he would make thoughtful decisions regarding any pension considerations.

This election is of much importance to us so that we feel comfortable, in that if a member ever needs consideration for any kind of early retirement, we would have a person that would do a very thorough review of the facts and vote accordingly.

The deadline for voting is Friday, September 28, 2012, so if you would please choose either, vote by phone or vote online, this would secure your vote and allow the Newark Firefighters Union to play a major role in this particular election. Please don’t put it aside. Let’s have a say in our future!!!

Stay safe and let’s stick together in these rough times.



30 07, 2012

Longevity Adjustment Checks

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Brothers and Sisters,

If you receive a check  stating “Longevity Adjustment”, it is from the first three pays of 2011 where EVERYONE’S longevity was incorrect. Some people were owed money while others owed money. A letter was sent to each firehouse over a month ago explaining this. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office. I would suggest depositing/cashing upon receipt.


29 07, 2012

Newark fire department inducts all-military class

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Not since after World War II has Newark’s fire department hired an all-veteran class, said fire director Fateen Ziyad

When Marine Lance Cpl. Jason Crowell deployed to Iraq in 2008, he knew the 200 other Marines in his unit had his back..

Now, co-workers wearing a different uniform have his back.

Since his return to the States, the Newark resident hasn’t had the easiest transition to civilian life. For about two years, Crowell, a 32-year-old former tech support manager, struggled to find work and replace his old support network.

Listing his military credentials on his resume didn’t seem to help, he said.

“Because I didn’t have current job experience, it was almost impossible,” said Crowell, who still keeps his brown hair cropped high and tight.

Last week, Crowell found his new line of work as part of the Newark Fire Department. He is one of 30 recruits — all military veterans.

The Marines have “always been one family. I’m sure the fire department’s going to continue (that),” said Crowell.

Full Article @NJ.COM

11 06, 2012

2012 Supplemental Enrollment Period

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The City of Newark Supplemental Enrollment Period starts today, Monday, June 11 and ends Friday, June 22, 2012.

During the Supplemental Enrollment Period, employees will be permitted to enroll dependents that were not previously added during their eligibility period. Original proof of relationship documents (i.e. marriage certificates, birth certificates, custody award document, etc.) will be requested upon receipt of your enrollment request.

All changes will take effect July 1, 2012.

If you have any questions, call Department of Medical Claims
at 973-733-3898 or 973-733-3693.

29 12, 2011

Fire Is Video Series

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Fire Is Black – First Episode of a Five Part Series in the Fire Is collection.
Learn the true nature of fire. Fire isn’t like you’ve seen it in movies or on television. It’s not bright, it’s black! This video introduces you to the reality of what fire is really like and why fire safety is so important.

21 12, 2011

Payroll Change

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Important Payroll Notice


The Payroll Schedule is changing for 2012.

The first pay in 2012 will be:

Friday, January 13, 2012 (for 10 days).

There will be no Direct Deposit for this check

You will be paid every two weeks after that (as usual).