Election Day, November 8, 2011

Brothers & Sisters,  I would like to take an opportunity to offer some advice on the upcoming elections.  We, as professional firefighters of this great State have been under direct attack by your State Elected officials to demonize you as the problem for this state and municipality woes.  It wasn’t all that long ago that firefighters, police, & teachers were the heroes of today’s society. Apparently, Elected officials saw an opening and rammed their ugly heads through it by making us the official scapegoats to all State, County, and local budgetary problems.  The Newark Firefighters Union has heard, loud and clear, the complaints, the rants, and the frustration that we all feel over such a travesty.

I, as your Union President, am not going to sit here and tell you that you should be paying attention to this election. You should know this by now…. I’m not going to tell you that this Election is an important tool to show these Elected officials that we are not the enemy, you should know that by now.  I’m not going to tell you that one hour, out of your day on Tuesday, to vote out any official who supported the Health Benefit & Pension reform, is a show of solidarity, you should know this already.  And lastly, I’m not going to tell you just whom to cast your vote for, their has been enough discussion in the last couple of months as to which candidate supported you or sold you out, you should know this by now……

Their are plenty of good candidates from both sides of the political table that deserve the lever to be pulled for them.  Please consider, as you pull that lever, which candidate represents what’s best for you and your families, what’s best for you, in your job as a professional firefighter, and whats best for the future of all firefighters, police, teachers, & all public workers across this great State.

Now is the time for UNITY!  Your vote could decide the future for all of us!!


Charles H. West

President, N.F.U.

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