Longevity Adjustment Checks

Brothers and Sisters,

If you receive a check  stating “Longevity Adjustment”, it is from the first three pays of 2011 where EVERYONE’S longevity was incorrect. Some people were owed money while others owed money. A letter was sent to each firehouse over a month ago explaining this. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office. I would suggest depositing/cashing upon receipt.


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Newark fire department inducts all-military class


Not since after World War II has Newark’s fire department hired an all-veteran class, said fire director Fateen Ziyad

When Marine Lance Cpl. Jason Crowell deployed to Iraq in 2008, he knew the 200 other Marines in his unit had his back..

Now, co-workers wearing a different uniform have his back.

Since his return to the States, the Newark resident hasn’t had the easiest transition to civilian life. For about two years, Crowell, a 32-year-old former tech support manager, struggled to find work and replace his old support network.

Listing his military credentials on his resume didn’t seem to help, he said.

“Because I didn’t have current job experience, it was almost impossible,” said Crowell, who still keeps his brown hair cropped high and tight.

Last week, Crowell found his new line of work as part of the Newark Fire Department. He is one of 30 recruits — all military veterans.

The Marines have “always been one family. I’m sure the fire department’s going to continue (that),” said Crowell.

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