PFRS Pension Board Elections

The Newark Firefighters Union has decided to have a direct impact on the election for Fire Representative to the Board of Trustees for the PFRS Pension Board. This position decides your future when applying for retirement.

After speaking with both candidates, we have decided to throw our support behind BRADY MIDDLESWORTH (Ventnor City Fire Department). He seems to be very conscientous person and we feel as though he would make thoughtful decisions regarding any pension considerations.

This election is of much importance to us so that we feel comfortable, in that if a member ever needs consideration for any kind of early retirement, we would have a person that would do a very thorough review of the facts and vote accordingly.

The deadline for voting is Friday, September 28, 2012, so if you would please choose either, vote by phone or vote online, this would secure your vote and allow the Newark Firefighters Union to play a major role in this particular election. Please don’t put it aside. Let’s have a say in our future!!!

Stay safe and let’s stick together in these rough times.



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